RAJAFA is a holding company of highly diversified business enterprises. Our interests encompass a wide range of commercial activities throughout Indonesia and the region. Growing a long-established reputation for professionalism and excellence from our acclaimed medical equipment supplies company, we are expanding the success in office building, property, F&B, health care and consultancy business. Affirming our commitment to quality, we strive to give the best in every business sector we are involved in. 

Starting the business as a small medical equipment supplier, RAJAFA has grown and diversified to be a thriving multi-disciplinary group that aims to lead in a range of specialist businesses. Our operation comprises of commercial activities, long-term property developments and investments in related sectors. Each of our subsidiary company apprehends specific demands of its particular industry. Providing quality products and services, while also contributing added values to our clients, employees, and shareholders.

Our consultant and healthcare companies have been certified with ISO certification. ISO 9001: 2008

RAJAFA Company Profile

Rajafa Property
Gedung Rifa Lantai 7
Jl. Prof Dr. Satrio Blok C4, Kav 6-7
Jakarta Selatan
Telp: 021-5260777
Fax: 021-5260778